Vic Griffin

Victor Griffin


My working life up until 2019 was spent in imaging, from x-ray to ultrasound and more recently high intensity focused ultrasound (aka HIFU) where there was very little time for me to engage with my long held love affair with photography. Now retired and free from tight timescales, high demands and extensive travelling, photography has become both a passion and an obsession.

My approach to creating a photographic image is slow, contemplative and considered. This mindful approach is a practice where the camera becomes an extension of your mind… you don't have to stop, think and scrutinise. You let your subconscious take over, and let it do its thing.

This method of taking photographs crept up on me during the pandemic lockdown when getting out and about firing off shots at will was not an option. It was during that period that I took the opportunity to set up a small studio at home and work on my technique and style.

I chose flora as the main thrust of my work. It’s all around us, through all seasons, and although I’d never taken the time to spot the obvious, it slowly dawned on me that there is a whole world of natural beauty wherever we look—if we take the time.

My hope is that I can convey some of that beauty and detail in the images that I produce.

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