Kate Barry Exhibition Spring 2024

Kate Barry

12th – 30th March 2024

“The quality of the light is the first thing that attracts me to make a landscape photograph. I go out when the light looks good, and I go to a location that I think will make a good subject. I explore the ways that different light and weather conditions can create an atmosphere reflecting the emotions I feel whilst there. These images convey a sense of tranquility, drama, and wonder that connects me to those places.”

Kate Barry

Kate has a background in fine art. Her enjoyment of nature and wildlife are the reasons she first picked up a camera. Since then, she has worked professionally with a variety of photographic formats including portrait, commercial and journalism photography.

From 2000, Kate taught Digital Photography and Photoshop techniques at Evesham F.E. college, retiring in 2020 to concentrate on her own art practice, in particular to develop her love of landscape photography. Kate works to create images that explore the relationship between sky and land, light and form. The final processes of editing and printing are a major part of the enjoyment of sharing her work in various exhibitions around the country.

Kate has won awards in landscape, urban, garden and travel photography competitions, both nationally and internationally. She is a member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers. Kate also belongs to a co-operative of artists at The Gallery at the Guild in Chipping Campden where she shows and sells her work.

Website www.katejbarry.co.uk

lnstagram @katebarryphotography