Group Exhibitions - Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Photiq Group Exhibitions

Photiq and Gallery Photiq are trading names of Nat Coalson Ltd. and are used interchangeably.


  • Entry to the competition is open to all photographers aged 18 years or older, living anywhere in the world where entering the competition is legal.
  • We encourage entries from all photographers, professional and amateur, working in any style and genre.
  • Work that has been previously included in any Photiq exhibition is not eligible for re-entry. Photos that have been previously entered but not selected for exhibition may be entered again.

Entry Fees

  • Entry fees are in £ British Pounds Sterling. Our e-commerce payment system will automatically convert to other currencies.
  • The entry fee may vary from one exhibition to the next.
  • The fee shown on the main call for entry page is for each single image.
  • There is no limit to the number of images you may enter.
  • Photiq Members receive a discount of 15% off our competition entry fees.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable. No refunds will be made for images not selected for the exhibition.
  • If the competition or exhibition is cancelled by the Organiser for any reason, all entry fees will be refunded in full. Otherwise, there will be no refunds for entry fees.

Submission Requirements

  • All entry fees must be paid in full before images are submitted.
  • All photographs must be submitted as digital images. No prints will be accepted.
  • Diptychs and triptychs must be combined and uploaded as a single image.
  • This is a photography exhibition—images generated using artificial intelligence (AI) are not permitted. Minor retouching using AI tools is allowed.
  • Images may be taken with any camera, including smartphones and mobile devices.
  • All uploaded images must be print-ready. (Read the details here.)

Warranty of Origination and Indemnification
By submitting images to our competitions, you agree that:

  • The images are your own work.
  • You own all rights to the images.
  • You take full responsibility for the content of all images, including the likeness of recognisable individuals and buildings, and have obtained any releases that may be required.
  • You release Photiq from all liability related to the content or origination of images submitted to the competition.

Selection Process and Notifications

  • The appointment of judges / jurors is solely at the discretion of Photiq.
  • The judge / jury will select approximately 36 images for inclusion in the exhibition. The final number of images chosen to be printed for the exhibition is at the discretion of Photiq.
  • No more than one image from each photographer entry will be included in the exhibition.
  • Images not selected for the exhibition will not be printed. However, they may be displayed on the Photiq website and social media, as described below.
  • No refunds will be made on entry fees paid for images not selected for inclusion in the exhibition.
  • Finalists with images selected for inclusion in the exhibition will be notified within 14 days of the close of entries.

Awards and Prizes
Each juried exhibition has its own set of possible awards and associated prizes. It’s important to read the details for each exhibition entry but, in general, these will include:

  • Selected images are shortlisted for exhibition.
  • From the prints included in the exhibition, award winners will be chosen.
  • Awards will usually include 1st Place, 2nd Place, and Highly Commended.
  • Any prizes are usually offered to 1st and 2nd Place winners only.
  • The details of the prizes awarded may be different for each group exhibition.

Reviews of Submitted Images

  • Photographers who submit 15 or more images will be offered a written review of all the images at no additional cost.
  • Photographers who enter fewer than 15 images can receive a written review of all the images for an additional £25.
  • Written reviews are for the images submitted to the specific competition only.
  • No other feedback on submitted images will be provided.

    Usage License
    By submitting images to our competitions, you agree that:

    • As the photographer, you retain full copyright for your own images at all times.
    • If your image is selected for the exhibition, you grant Gallery Photiq the non-exclusive, limited right to produce one (1) exhibition print of that image. All prints produced for the exhibition become the exclusive property of Photiq, until such time as the print is sold.
    • You also grant to Photiq the right to use and reproduce any or all of your submitted image(s) in any promotions specifically related to the event, both online and offline, worldwide and in perpetuity, including the Photiq website and social media programmes. This usage shall be strictly limited to promoting the photographer, their work and the exhibition. All photographers shall be fully credited whenever possible.
    • Selected image(s) will be permanently displayed in our online galleries, along with contact details such as your social media profile and website address.
    • Photiq will make no other use of your submitted images without your prior written approval as the photographer.

    Print Sales

    • During the exhibition, each print will be offered for sale at a retail price of £60 GBP. In the event of a sale of a print, the photographer who made the image will receive a payment of £45 (75% of the print price).
    • At the close of the exhibition, if your print has not been sold, you will have the option to purchase the mounted print of your own photograph at a special reduced price. Custom framing is available at an additional cost. Any shipping fees will be calculated and charged to you separately.
    • Following the close of the exhibition, remaining unsold prints will be retained in the Photiq stock inventory and offered for sale at a price determined by Photiq. In the event of a sale of a print after the exhibition closes, the photographer shall receive 50% of the selling price of the print.
    • Prints shall be kept in Photiq inventory for a period not to exceed 24 months. After this time, unsold prints shall be disposed of.
    • In the event of any other potential sale of the work submitted into a Photiq group competition, financial terms shall be negotiated with each photographer on an ad hoc basis, with the photographer having the final right of refusal for proceeding with the sale.

    Privacy and Notification

    • By entering our exhibition competition you agree to receive email communications from Photiq.
    • You may unsubscribe at any time from newsletters and marketing communications, but will continue to receive important updates related to your purchases on our website.


    • The Organiser reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and the details of each juried group exhibition, including key dates, at any time and without prior notice.