Display Space Rental

Display Space Rental

Dedicated space on main wall
1.5m W x 2.5m H
£150 / week
£300 / month

Centre island (1)
3 panels, each approx 1m W x 2m H
£250 / week
£500 / month

Two centre islands (or joined together into one large area)
£400 / week
£700 / month

All monthly rentals include:

  • promotion via email and social media
  • provision of artist signage
  • display space in one window

No VAT applies to space rental, or to retail selling prices.

No commission taken on sales from rental spaces (although 5% fee applies to each sale transaction).

Further discounts offered for longer-term rentals.

All work to be displayed is subject to approval by gallery management.

Frames (with mount and glazing) are also available for rental. Additional charges apply–please enquire for details and pricing.

Prices valid as of March 2024