Dan Harnett

Dan Harnett

Dan Harnett Portrait

Inspired by my long and close association with the sea, my work ranges from abstract to still life photography. Drawing on experiences and memories from my time in the merchant navy and my childhood memories growing up on the Kent coast.

My photography is an extension of my life’s voyage, creating works that explore human relationships with the sea, conjuring images, stories and reflections. Having spent years at sea, I am well aware of the harsh environment, sea, and the ocean’s hidden strength.

I’m keenly cognisant of the different ways we experience the sea – a seafarer who lives and works on the water has a different outlook and priorities to a landlubber experiencing it from the shoreline.

I enjoy travelling to other shores and distant islands where meteorology and geography combine to create an environment far removed from the stony beaches of home. Ensuring my photography remains fresh and exciting, as well as reassuringly abstract and contemporary.


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