Brenda Tharp

Brenda Tharp

Brenda is a fine art photographer, speaker and educator with a life-long wanderlust for exploring and photographing. She has authored two books, Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography, and her most recent, Expressive Nature Photography. She co-authored Extraordinary Everyday Photography with her partner. With a successful career of editorial, corporate and stock photography, Brenda continues her passion by also making fine art images that celebrate the world around her.

Artist statement
“Photography is a source of inspiration and at the same time a form of meditation for me. It gives me reason to wander slowly and pause often, feeling the mood, seeing the light of the moment, and noticing the details. While the grand landscape excites me, the intimate landscape does so more. I relish finding the texture, pattern, shape, and form present in our world – both in nature and in the manmade. Immersing myself in seeing the world around me more deeply, my photographs are essentially a celebration of all that I see and feel. I strive to share the joy and wonder I felt when making the photograph. I am essentially an outdoor photographer using natural light for my images.

While my main focus is nature photography, I cannot resist photographing in the manmade world too, because of the elements of design and juxtaposition that are present in both. Those visual elements, along with light, drive my process of creating photographs.”


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