Making your best photo prints

Most photographers have had the experience of sending their images to a print lab and getting back prints that look awful (…or, at least, not what we expected!).

Unfortunately, many print labs follow poor colour management practices… if any at all! What’s worse, when you send your images to most printing services, unless you specifically ask for it and pay a hefty extra fee, nobody will even look at your images to check they are OK before printing.

That is never a concern when you have your printing done at Photiq.

This is because we preflight every file to check colour, sizing, resolution, sharpness and other technical criteria before making each print.

Our gallery director and master printer, Nat Coalson, has over 35+ years professional experience working in print, including 30+ years specifically making digital fine art giclée prints. (Nat is also an Ambassador for Epson UK, where he has provided training and consulting on Epson printers and the complete printing workflow.)

Nat will work with you personally to be sure that your images can be printed with top quality at your desired size. When he is checking your image files, if any concerns are discovered, Nat will discuss the issues with you and provide solutions before making any prints. All at no additional cost!

One of the key factors in creating the best and most accurate print is colour management. This is a combination of hardware, software and processes that together ensure each print is true to the original image in brightness and colour. (The image for this article is a snapshot of a calibration target used for creating a custom printer/paper profile.)

At Photiq we always follow state-of-the-art, industry-standard, professional-grade colour management practices.

The above starts to explain why you will, unfortunately, often get back inferior results when working with many print providers.

Instead, count on Photiq for your digital fine art inkjet printing and you can be assured that the prints you receive are the absolute best possible quality!

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